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Paladin Polygraph provides computerized polygraph services to attorneys, governmental agencies, and private citizens in an effort to facilitate truth.  With a commitment to independent quality control and validated testing formats, you can trust  the results.  Our goal is to be the absolute best so that we can provide our clients with an outcome that will withstand any legal and/or professional scrutiny.  Our job is to get you the truth. 

The modern polygraph is able to monitor and record the physiological changes in your body when you lie and when you tell the truth.  These changes, when interpreted by a skilled polygraph examiner, are clear and unmistakable evidence of truth and deception.

We offer a discreet and confidential service to resolve an issue.  We answer your questions and walk you through the process.  We give you quality service backed by experience and credentials.  We offer an honest and objective service at competitive rates.

Paladin Polygraph uses the most sophisticated technology available.  We use computerized polygraph testing procedures approved by Federal and State agencies.  The computerized polygraph, along with digital scoring algorithms, insures that anyone tested will receive the most accurate polygraph results anywhere.

Our examiner was trained at the Backster School of Lie Detection, considered to be one of the premier polygraph institutes in the world.  We can conduct examinations at one of our offices or at a location that is convenient for you.  Taking a polygraph examination is an important step in verifying information on an important matter.  Call or email us for a free consultation.  Every polygraph examination is different, so part of our job is devoted to understanding your needs and provide you a superior product.